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at.Compass is our Real-Time Online GPS Tracking feature rich application designed to help companies in any industry protect their assets, improve operating efficiencies, and reduce costs - 24/7. at.Compass is easy to use and has powerful features such as:

  • High definition (AI) dash cams with smoking, on-the-phone, fatigue and distraction detection
  • Powerful analytics to enhance business inteligence and fleet performance
  • Comprehensive driving quality assesment
  • Optimized routes to minimize mileage
  • Scheduled maintenance to prevent breakdowns
  • Advanced Alerts & Alarms System with top-5 reporting in at.Dashboard™
  • Smartphone Tracking & Navigation
  • Geofences & Points of Interest
  • Garmin™ Integration with Driver Communication
  • Routing System

at Services

at.Compass allows not only monitoring the position of a vehicle, but offers many more options such as determining whether a door is opened, is the A/C on or off, or remotely lock doors or block engine ignition. Optional keypads can be installed to authorize vehicle movements based on pre-configured events or alarms, check battery levels or receive notification if vehicles are towed.

Our advanced Alerts & Alarms system allows notification via SMS or email when Odometer, Speeding, Vehicle Usage, Tow Away, Out of Rouge, Idle, Stops, Temperature, and our Dynamic GeoFence conditions occur. This information can also be used to generate management reports.

We provide ample unlimited reporting, for example: Speeding, Mileage, Trip, Idle, Stop, Point of Interest (geofencing), Temperature and State Mileage. These reports provide the intelligence companies need to better control costs and create operating efficiencies.

at.Compass is developed in-house and continuously enhanced by our team of highly skilled developers using the latest technology. We re-invest more than 50% of our revenues on developing additional functionality based mostly on feedback from our long list of satisfied Clients. at.Compass comes with the highest available warranty in the market and 100% network uptime.



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Assured Tracking Inc was founded in 2004 to provide tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. We have since evolved to focus on a broader scope of tracking solutions for Businesses and People.

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