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Assured Tracking Hours of Services (Driver LogBooks) Solution.

06 January 2014 Content
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Our real-time driver logbook solution will make you instantly compliant with current FMCSA regulations and will automatically comply with new regulations becoming effective on July 1st 2013, Call us now at 1(877)4872256

Become compliant with the current FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) regulation and automatically switch to new regulations becoming effective on July 1st 2013. at.Compass HOS solution lets you have real-time driver hours information accessible by the driver, your office and the DOT.
  • Avoid violations and improve CSA scores

    Drivers will always be aware of the remaining driving and on-duty time before incurring in a violation. Penalties and fines for usual violations will be eliminated and your CSA score should improve as the number of violations goes down.

  Team Drivers

Our HOS solution supports team drivers logged in the same Garmin dezl navigator and maintains each driver's records accordingly. Drivers can login from different devices at any given time.

  Driver LogBooks
Driver hours are available (in real-time) to the driver, at your office and to the DOT. Daily view as well as weekly summary. Information can be downloaded (as required by regulation) by the DOT.

Real-time HOS information at your office

Every driver status change is sent to our tracking servers and is available in real-time from any web browser. Detailed information (date, time, nearest city, odometer, previous/current driver status, violation information) is available for every status change.


Convenient Alerts

Receive HOS-related notifications on your email inbox or your mobile phone. Each HOS violation (for current and final rules) is identified by the system and forwarded to one or multiple users. Besides driver behavior violations, multiple logins amd login from unathorized devices are also identified and forwarded to you.

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