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Real-time tracking, mobile tracking/navigation,
routing, driver messaging and more

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with at.Compass Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution. Designed specifically for the logistics and transportation industries our solutions help you to lower fuel costs, increase productivity and have faster response times. Communicate with your drivers and send their next destination. Know when your vehicles have arrived and/or left your pickup and delivery locations.



Routing system. Integration with back-office applications. Find closets vehicles

Services companies are constantly challenged to increase efficiency and productivity keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level while reducing operating costs. at.Compass MRM solution
enables you to dispatch more service calls, communicate with your field workforce, increase customer satisfaction while reducing fuel consumption
and operating costs.



The most affordable yet functional solution. Thousands of units online

The most affordable yet functional GPS tracking and Mobile Resource Management solution.



Reduce costs, manage remote fleets, increase productivity

Finish all jobs on time. Make sure all your materials,
workforce and equipment are where you expect them to be. Our at.Compass Security and MRM solution helps you increase productivity, reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, reduce private use and more.



at.Compass help families keep track of their loved ones

at.Compass allows families to keep track of their loved ones of all ages for safety and peace of mind. These solutions allow families to always know that their children, teenagers or elderly are safe and well cared for. More health care or rehabilitation
centers use our technology every day to monitor or track persons with limitations. We also have solutions for cars, RVs, camper trailers, motorcycles, boats and other personal vehicles.



Panic alert. Multiple reporting intervals. Easily concealed

Surveillance and security solutions for dignitaries, corporate executives, celebrities, artists and VIPs, rely on technology for their safety and that of their staff. Protective services for the high level business and entertainment world count on GPS based infrastructure to guarantee their charges are always safe and secure.



Be more efficient using the industry leading technology

No security firm can be efficient if it does not incorporate new technologies to carry out their day or nighttime surveillance. Very simply put, criminals are nowadays using more technology to better target their victims. Our GPS program combined with at.Compass guarantees on-time alarms with integrated tracking and many more location control tools and areas of coverage.



Integrated timing. Optimized training

High performance sports are using tracking technology with integrated timing capabilities. This tool has become very useful because it allows remote tracking of specialized sport performance. Biking, track and field, triathlon and many other individual and team sports trials and trainings are optimized thanks to the data and integrated time and movement reporting provided by our GPS technology.

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Assured Tracking Inc was founded in 2004 to provide tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. We have since evolved to focus on a broader scope of tracking solutions for Businesses and People.

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