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Hours Of Service (HOS)

Instantly compliant with current and final regulations

Summary: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) amends the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) to establish: Minimum performance and design standards for hours-of-service (HOS) electronic logging devices (ELDs); requirements for the mandatory use of these devices by drivers currently required to prepare HOS records of duty status (RODS); requirements concerning HOS supporting documents; and measures to address concerns about harassment resulting from the mandatory use of ELDs. The requirements for ELDs will improve compliance with the HOS rules.

· Avoid violations
· Team driver support

· Improve CSA scores

Easy paperless way to manage compliance

Out-of-the-box solution that will let you instantly comply with current and final rule (released on December 10th 2015).

Support for team drivers

Our HOS solution supports team drivers logged on the same Android mobile device and maintains each driver’s record separately.

Avoid violations and improve scores

Drivers will always bе aware of the remaining driving and ON-DUTY time before incurring any violation.

Real-time HOS information at your office

Every driver status change is sent to our servers and is available in real-time from any web browser. 

Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Summary: FMCSA rescinds the requirement that commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers operating in interstate commerce, except drivers of passenger-carrying CMVs, submit, and motor carriers retain, DVIRs when the driver has neither found nor been made aware of any vehicle defects or deficiencies. This rule also harmonizes the pre-and post-trip inspection lists. It responds in part to the President’s January 2011 Regulatory Review and Reform initiative, removing a significant information collection burden without adversely impacting safety. The Agency also makes a technical change to section 396.11 to eliminate redundant language.

· Discover Unsafe Conditions
· Identify Mechanical Problems
· Avoid: Failing DOT Inspections/ Fines
· Keep CSA Basic Scores Low
· Instant Access Vehicle Inspection Reports

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Assured Tracking Inc was founded in 2004 to provide tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. We have since evolved to focus on a broader scope of tracking solutions for Businesses and People.

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